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8th Grade Boxer

Ahmed Zindani Is a 8th grader who is currently in his second year at Willow Creek Academy as a student. Ahmed grew up in Yemen. Ahmed described WCA as amazing and he said “he has many friends.” Not only is he a student, but he is an athlete, a great boxer, and much much more. Ahmed believes in God and has faith in his religion.

Ahmed used to live in Yemen and came to America to start a new life. Ahmed said he isn't having too much trouble fitting in and he has lots of friends. But he said it is very different here for example the culture, food, and people.

Ahmed was born a fighter and goes to the gym to practice often. I have personally seen him there with his brother and we ended up working out together. Ahmed wants to be a professional boxer when he grows up and I think he can with hard work.

In conclusion, Ahmed Zindadi is having a great time in the US and is working on new hobbies such as boxing. I wish him luck on his dream to be a professional boxer.


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