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Agents Of Shield Review

A.0.S Review

In a few weeks a show called “Agents of Shield” will release its 7th season ending the show. The whole series itself digs deeper into the superhero world of Marvel. Agents of Shield showcases the agents behind the scenes working to ensure that S.H.I.E.L.D is safe. The show has aired for 7 years now, with episodes filled with adventure. Audiences are sure to be filled with tears while watching the series.

The actors in the series were casted perfectly. Each character has a complicated set of characteristics that the actors portrayed flawlessly. On top of that, the show was well thought out and had a captivating plot. This “roller coaster of emotions” can have watchers addicted to the series. Agents of Shield can also help people understand the Marvel Cinematic Universe better by making connections through the series. “As with "The Avengers," Whedon's ear and sensibilities match the material perfectly.”, Verne

Gay from Newsday wrote.

Next, this series is mostly for teens and adults. Some of the makeup and scenes may be too graphic for younger children. But it can also depend on the maturity of the child. It is a great family show to watch on the weekends. The show is also very comedic if you’re up for a good laugh. It is the type of show that you can binge watch too. Critique David WIegan from San Francisco Chronicle described it as,“Just enough geeky insider stuff to keep the fan-boys from grousing too much, but an even bigger portion of well-written action, drama, humor and intricate plot details to hook viewers who gave up comic books before Steve Canyon was grounded.”

All in all, Agents of Shield is a great show for anyone who’s looking for adventure! It is recommended by many critiques. And has also scored itself an 8/10 on TV.com. You can watch Agents of Shield anytime on Netflix or ABC. Wait why are you still here? Go park your butt on the couch and start watching it!

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