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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

On March 20th, Nintendo released the latest installment in the Animal Crossing Franchise. Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game received a whopping 9/10 on Gamespot and a 91% on Metacritic, With many saying it came at the perfect time, considering we are all locked in our houses all day. The game is already the 9th best selling game on the switch. It has sold 8.61 million copies as of yesterday.

According to a New York Times article, written by Kyle Buchannnan, “now that we’re all trapped inside by the coronavirus, time has slipped off its hanger and lies in a heap on the floor. Why not spend a half-hour every morning — well, I always say it’ll be a half-hour, and then suddenly it’s dinner — in the company of some charming cartoon characters on my digital island?” 

When you first start your game. You are greeted by two anthropomorphic racoons named Timmy and Tommy. They tell you that you have won the deserted island getaway package and take you to a deserted island with two other anthropomorphic animals to begin your new life. You then spend the rest of your days on the island building new places and growing a town. The game runs in real time, so 3PM in game is 3PM in real life. The seasons and holidays also happen in real time. We are currently celebrating Nature week on my island (The Animal Crossing equivalent of earth day) and I am building a celebratory park for my neighbors. The villagers have their own birthdays and you can celebrate with them. They will even throw a party for you. “I turn 30 today, which means that upon boot-up, my game greeted me with a surprise birthday party.” says Patricia Hernandez.

Animal Crossing is a wholesome game. You simply run around collecting fish, bugs, money, and other materials. You talk to your neighbors. You build things. You create things. But the best parts of Animal Crossing are the little moments. The times when you catch your villagers singing in the plaza. When they run over to you to give you something for no apparent reason. When you wish on a shooting star and get cash the next day. Animal crossing doesn't have an ending. You just go day to day doing whatever you want. It’s a nice piece of normality in time where that's what we need most. 

“When my parents call me these days to ask what’s new, I have nothing to tell them. I live alone, and I’ve been sequestered in my apartment for almost three weeks. Monday is Wednesday and Saturday is Saturday. But when my friend Brian texts me for the latest gossip, I tell him that yesterday, just before midnight, I met a ghost on my island who gave me a bidet.” Says Kyle Buchannan

One of my favorite things about this game is the fact that you can customize your island however you want. Unlike in previous Animal Crossing games, you can place furniture outside. This allows you to make any community area you want, like a park or a beach. You can even make roads, paths, and bridges. You can EVEN terraform your island exactly how you like it. You can construct cliffs, waterfalls, valleys, rivers, and beaches. You could also create a miniature island inside your island. 

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes life simulation or slow paced games. But now that we are all locked inside, just about anyone with a Nintendo Switch could enjoy this game. So if you have 360$ ($300 for the switch and $60 for the game.) I would highly recommend this to you.

“After writing this review, I now want to play more Animal Crossing. So I will.”- me. 

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