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Band Together To Stop Police Brutality

Today is the last day of the second to last week of seventh grade, and normally I would be super happy and excited to be an eighth-grader, but given what is going on in this world right now I am not thinking about that; I am thinking about the murder of George Floyd, another victim of police brutality. He was another reminder of the systematic racism that is deeply engraved in the U.S. George Floyd was a human being, a father. The press likes to show the looting and violence during protests, and for the most part, ignore all the peaceful ones. This is why police will keep shooting and killing black people in America because black people are often painted as dangerous. Black people have stereotypes and racism stacked up against them by the police, government and society, and the press is feeding into that because they help paint the "dangerous black man" picture. George Floyd’s family and friends said that he did not have a hateful bone in his body. However, the policeman who killed him did. The police culture in America needs to change and become less threatening. This starts at the police academies and government. Police are trained to be cautious around black people creating fear, and ultimately ending peoples life. Barbers and hairdressers need more hours of training than a police officer, more hours of training for using scissors and shampoo than hours of training for using a gun. This is only a glimpse into what is wrong with law enforcement in America, and it needs change.

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