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Be the Change!

Updated: Sep 22

Racism has been evolving over time in the U.S. However, our systems still need to change. Police brutality is a very real issue that needs immediate attention. George Floyd’s murder reignited the national debate about racism and police brutality. For decades minorities have been racially profiled. Your skin color does not determine your value or worth. We should treat everyone equally. I think that our police system should change and our police should not judge people by their race. I know that not all policemen are bad, but many abuse the power they have. In fact, people of color lose their lives to police brutality daily. The police are meant to keep everyone safe which includes all races. I have gone to a couple of peaceful protests in Marin and I think that we can cause change without violence. While riots may bring attention, riots will not get your voices heard. If we peacefully protest we can get the government to listen to our ideas. We can peacefully do the right thing and bring change, justice and equality to our country. BLACK LIVES MATTER!


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