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Best COVID-19 Memes Since the Beginning

Updated: May 15

I do not think that there would be any disagreement that 2020 has been an…...interesting year. Kicking itself off with a potential war starting between the U.S. and Iran, then the Australian wildfires, and a distant virus in China that turned out to be not so distant. Now COVID-19 has taken over our lives and people are responding with memes. The Coronavirus has sparked an explosion of memes about toilet paper, Corona Beer, Zooms, working and learning from home, eating, and even licking toilet bowls. This is probably because people often deal with hard circumstances with humor. Also, people’s activities like sports, school, work and even hanging out with friends are all cancelled. This means that “memers” have extra time on their hands to make memes, helping us all out. While a lot of these meme trends have been getting pretty old and overused, there are a lot of good ones out there. In no particular order, I put together a couple of my favorite memes,Tik Tok trends, and tweets for your enjoyment.

This one because it’s still confusing to all of us.

This one because the cheap flights were one of the OG corona virus meme topics.

This one because the only good thing coming out of the Coronavirus disaster is the earth breathing again.

This one because toilet paper memes have been the biggest of all memes. Why do people want toilet paper so bad…?

This one because we all know how dangerous it is to go to the grocery store.

This one because we all feel bad for the high school seniors who lost their entire senior year experience.

I feel like this is kind of everyone though….


Literally had my birthday party with my friends in SF, and then two days later we weren’t allowed to leave the house I-

This ones already a classic, and definitely accurate.

And last but not least, this one because everyone's starting to look a little.......rough.


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