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Black Lives Matter Poster

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

We all know that not everyone in the world can agree on the same thing, and no one ever will. There will always be a person with the opposite point of view as you. No matter how much we progress as a society, racism will always exist. It may not be as obvious as it is today, but some people will always racial profile and judge another person.

I don’t think that protesting will change the minds of all racist people, but it still makes a difference. Protesting and rioting makes people aware of controversial incidents and allows them to build their own opinions revolving around the incident. Usually, it’s an opinion that shows support for the protesters. When it’s not, at least this person is now aware of the brutality and racial hatred that still exists in the world. Protesting definitely has a good effect on society's point of view, and so does rioting. Although rioting may seem extreme and unnecessary, the topic is now more heard of and recognized.

I definitely would join the protest if I could because I passionately support the cause, but I haven’t had the time or the ability to do it. For the things that our country can do to change this, vote. Vote for leaders that agree with your point of view. We have the opportunity to make our voices heard in a peaceful way. Protesting and voting is everything citizens can do in our power.

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