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Camden Ngo's First Year at WCA

Updated: Nov 6, 2020


Camden was born in Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa. He grew up in Sonoma County and moved to Marin when he was about 6 or 7. Being new to Willow Creek, Camden hasn’t been on the campus a lot, although his favorite thing about the school is the middle school campus. What he does not like is the baseball field and the fact that there are no PE locker rooms. He had to start his first year at his new school on the computer hoping to get the best learning experience possible. He kind of likes online learning because he thinks that you learn more than physical school. His favorite subject is math. Camden is an 8th grader, therefore this is his first and last year at Willow Creek. He wants and expects to go to Branson High or Redwood because they are his only options.


The Presidential election is just around the corner and Camden has things to say about President Donald Trump. He said that Donald Trump only thinks and cares about himself and money, not even his family. If he could vote, Camden would like to change the laws around here in Marin and California. The first presidential debate was a couple weeks ago. Camden doesn’t really think that Joe Biden put up a good argument. “He was just trying to laugh everything off,” he said.

Free time/sports

Covid-19 has affected Camden a great deal, having his basketball season cancelled since March and now just having practices. He plays a lot of sports. He played soccer for one season, tackle football for half a season, and now he’s stuck to basketball. In his free time, Camden plays sports, he reads a lot, sometimes five books a week! His favorite book or genre is all dystopian books, futuristic, and fantasy. Mostly just fiction. He has an Xbox but almost never plays video games on it. Every Friday, he goes to Ms. Rampulla’s class to pick up more books. He really likes the artist Juice Wrld, who recently passed away. He also likes a bit of classical music.

Extra Information

Camden doesn’t really have a favorite food because he doesn’t really eat a lot. His favorite drink is Arizona. He has lots of chickens but sadly some of them died because of raccoons. Currently, Camden has 4 chickens and 7 chicks. Their hens’ eggs don’t hatch often, so they use the eggs for food. Every time they want more chickens they have to go buy them because you need roosters to hatch baby chickens. He likes to go by Cam. His last name is pronounced No, but with the N and the G slurred, so people sometimes call his brother Aidan Yes because of how their last name is pronounced and yes is the opposite of no. He used to have a fear of shots at the doctor (but recently is fine with it) and also spiders. Camden has a lot of different personality traits, one of his favorites is the fact that he never gives up on anything, which is a great trait to have.

Oscar Freau

October 28


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