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Climate Change: The Out - of - Hand Environmental issue We Need to solve.

Howler Political issue Article Spencer Nuss 11 - 10 - 20.

My political issue of choice is climate change. Food Waste is a huge factor of Climate Change - rotting food in landfills releases methane gas, which is much more potent than carbon dioxide. When food is wasted, so are all the resources used to grow, clean, package, and transport it - meaning five efforts are wasted at once. My opinion on Climate Change is that it’s a very bad thing, because it’s killing animals, rising overall temperature, and contributing to habitat loss. I feel connected to Climate Change because I’ve always had a deep passion for the environment since I was a toddler.

I care about Climate Change because it personally affects my home, it’s affecting our earth for the worst, and I’ve always been interested in helping the environment since a young age. My connection to Climate Change is the fact that I’m an environmental enthusiast, who’s always had a love for animals and picking up trash. The people who are affected by this issue are mainly coastal residing people like myself (due to sea-level-rise), and people who live in extreme climates (such as deserts and rainforests.) Animals are especially affected by climate change, more than people, because their habitats are crumbling and their numbers are dropping quickly. These people and all animals need my support, because Climate Change is a life-threatening, earth-harming issue.

In terms of presidential interest in this issue (climate change), I think Joseph Biden would be a better representative than Donald Trump. This is because Joe Biden had/has a policy on Climate Change, mainly focusing on fossil fuels. His policy would invest 1.7 Million - 2 Trillion dollars toward clean energy and green cars. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has no apparent Climate Change policy. Even though he may acknowledge it, this issue is not visible in his presidential interests.

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