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Dear Abby 5-12-20

Submission # 1

Dear Abby,

I am getting so bored during quarantine! I really miss seeing all of my friends and being able to do the things we like. I also miss eating out at restaurants. I even miss school!! I miss seeing all of my teachers and just being in a class with everyone. How do I get over this slump? Do you have any tips?


Quarantine Slump

Dear Quarantine Slump,

Hang in there!!! Most people feel the same way you do while we go through these weird and hard times. While we are adjusting to a “new normal”, it is also important to think about the future and how things will get back to the way they were. Some advice I have for you, is to follow a routine! It may sound silly, but it really helps to wake up, eat breakfast, go for a walk, and practice self care (check out our articles posted about self care for ideas!) Missing your friends and school is normal under these circumstances. My advice is to use this unique opportunity to reach out to friends who you have not been in contact with as much prior to COVID-19. Facetime them, set up group Zoom calls, text them, call them! Let other people know that you are thinking about them and they will return the favor!

Thank you for writing in,


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