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Dola Tibbs; Not Just a Regular 8th Grader

Updated: Jan 15

Dola Tibbs has been attending Willow Creek Academy for 6 years, ever since 2nd grade. Her favorite color is blue, and her favorite books are Firefly Lane and All The Light We Cannot See. She is also beginning her second year as a member of the Willow Creek Howler. But Dola isn’t just a regular 8th grader. She truly cares about the Black Lives Matter and the #Metoo movements, and is not afraid to speak up for what's right. She is outgoing, social, and bubbly. Now, as an eighth grader, she faces a new challenge; high school. With the Corona virus pandemic still a massive issue, an election coming up, and so much uncertainty, she has no idea what these upcoming years have in store for her.

Dola is already sure where she's going for high school. She has decided to go to Tamalpais High School, in Mill Valley. She chose this because of all the activities, clubs, and different classes Tam offers. “Also, I want something new because I’ve been going to WCA for so long,” says Dola. Like most 8th graders, she wants a change of scene. But, the thing that’s on her mind was actually what high school will look like.

At Willow Creek, her online learning experience is going “okay.” This year has been a lot better for her than online learning last year, probably because the teachers had a summer to prepare. But there is still uncertainty lingering in the air. Going back to school at Willow Creek is not for sure, and even if Dola does go back, it won’t be for a while. “I would love to go back,” said Dola. “But I don’t want to put people in danger and I know it might not be the best idea to go back just yet.”

Dola is not old enough to vote just yet, but still cares what happens in this election. She believes Donald Trump is one of the “worst men to ever be in office,” she said. “He doesn't have any morals or views. He just wants people to like him.” Dola also cares about Black Lives Matter and #Metoo movements, and takes interest in activism.

Overall, Dola is a great person. She is social and outgoing. She finds activism interesting and important. Finally, she is going to high school next year and even though she’s not sure what to expect, she’s ready.

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