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Evolving Fashion

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has impacted our world in a major way. COVID-19 has affected the way we live and our perspectives on how we see things. We have had to change our lifestyles, change our systems, and change our processes. COVID-19 has changed the medical industry and travel. With our world changing so fast, other industries need to be ready to change too. For instance, fashion industries are adapting to new ways with COVID-19. Our health and safety is very important currently, we have to be extra cautious and careful. Hence, different fashion companies are changing and catering products to new necessities. For example, masks are very important to protect others from spreading COVID-19. Many retail businesses are deciding to sell masks, to attract more customers and improve profits.

Many brands have taken up the idea of selling masks. Having a business that can quickly adjust to what is happening in the world will allow them to become more successful. Being reverent is key. Especially because customers are willing to buy many masks to ensure the safety of their families. Fashion brands have to continue to grow and change with the new trends. To quote Stephan Rabimov, from forbes.com “So while face masks are now being adopted to reduce the spread of COVID-19, they’re quickly becoming an everyday fashion accessory here to stay.”

Additionally, different companies have launched new masks lines to do their part to help COVID-19. For instance, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Madewell, and Revolve have started to create non medical masks. These global companies have access to fabric, and might as well produce more supplies of masks to citizens. These are only fabric masks but are still effective. In fact, making masks with materials from fashion brands is a simple process. Many yoga fashion companies are using their left over materials to make face masks. Using scraps of fabric used to make other clothes is a good way to reuse the material. Legging material is great for light weight, reusable masks.

Fashion companies are not only making the masks effective, but stylish too. Now that masks are a new accessory, companies want to make them more fashionable.  By adding new designs and colors, masks can become a part of our daily outfits. Several brands are even selling masks that match with outfits, to create a cohesive look. Instead of having to dread wearing masks, they can become a cool accessory to add to your outfit. Many fashion companies like Revolve are making their masks tasteful with lots of color and bold details. They have masks with chic and exciting prints, like leopard fur, cheetah print and flowers. Indeed, they also have masks for other occasions. Along with casual masks they provide classy and refined designs. The bottom line is our world is changing and companies that adapt can survive.

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