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Fact or Fiction? COVID-19 is helping the environment

Over the past few months, you have probably seen tons of articles and social media posts saying that animals are encroaching again on human territory, air quality has never been better, and other things like that. Researchers are saying, however, that all these effects of social distancing are temporary and will not create a lasting impact on climate change.

Sadly, many of the things you see on social media are fake. While everyone does want good news amid this time, hoaxes aren’t anything anyone should spread. There was fake news circulating recently about dolphins in the Venice canals. While the Venice canals are clear now, dolphins have not returned (although verified video of jellyfish in the canals is true) and as soon as people begin using the canals again, they will bring inevitable pollution.

You may have also heard of the largest recorded ozone hole ever over the Arctic 'finally’ closing. This may appear as a super happy headline, but if you look a little closer you might see that this hole had only been open for a month before it shut. On top of that, its closing was completely unrelated to COVID-19.

To conclude, always make sure that you're not just reading headlines and use common sense to figure out if an article is real or not. For the dolphin example, you could have asked yourself why the dolphins would come up the Venice canals..

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