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Found Me Some Treasure

Updated: May 1, 2020

 On treasure island most people don’t think to get off and stop as they drive by one the highway. But if you do there is an amazing skate park toward the back of the island located on 8th street. This skate park was built a while ago over an empty tennis court. This hidden gem is a great place to skate during quarantine because there is usually no one there because it is technically closed, but there's a hole in the fence and most people living there are fine if you skate.

 I had heard about this park and where it was, but not the exact location. I realized that I needed to go check it out after I had went to skate in Union Square the other day just the other day. A couple minutes after I started skating, a security guard told me that I had to leave which was a bummer, but he told me I could go skate at Treasure Island (where he lives) which was how I ended going there with my brother and dad.  

 The skate park has been named Thrasher park after the magazine because the magazine has helped make the park nicer and added new features. Just before Coronavirus started, there was an event there. The park was originally started by a group of friends that knew it might be destroyed like many other DIY skate parks. Fortunately this was not the case since it later got the approval of the city to stay open. 

If you decide that you want to take a break from skating. There are empty warehouses full of street art and graffiti. But be careful because there is a lot of broken glass and empty spray paint cans. So you have to watch out, but other than that it is a pretty cool place to check out!

The park is a considered a tranny park. Tranny is skate code for a transition park, which will have more and steeper ramps. Although there is also some street stuff to the side of the park that people built. For example there is a long many pad, a pole jam, a curb, and a nice bank for doing tricks. I recommend going to this park if you need somewhere to skate during quarantine by yourself/with friends or when quarantine is finally over.


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