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French Toast Bites!

Over the weekend a new, fun, and easy recipe appeared on my Instagram feed. My kitchen was filled with delicious smells and mouth watering flavors. The recipe called for simple ingredients and simple steps, it could be been done in any kitchen! The smell of the cinnamon with the mixture of the sugars on hot sizzely slices of buttered toast was incredible. The recipe can be easily modified to any sort of restriction. Just substitute almost any one of the ingredients with a similar median. The sweet and textured desert (or breakfast!) is ready to be served in as quickly as ten minutes! With a topping of maple syrup and chocolate sauce it made for a perfect Sunday night treat to be shared with my whole family.  

One of the things that made this desert so absolutely divine was how imperfectly perfect you could have made it. The measurements did not have to be perfect, and could be varied to suit one's personal taste. Being able to wing the measurement really made this desert fun to make especially with others. Even if you were craving more of one flavor you could make it to your liking and not worry about whether or not the end result would come out like it did the last time. That means that it is very hard to mess it up. 

To make it even better, you can cut the size of the bread to whatever you want, big, small, median, whatever you choose! You can also use a variety of different breads to make this recipe (or make your own bread if you are feeling bold). Sometimes having too big of a desert can not be appetizing or feel good on the stomach, but when you can have many little bite- sizes, it makes it easy to eat and to share with others! If one day you decide that you want a large desert and for it to feel like your birthday, then you can make it that way! If you want just a little desert that is super easy to share with friends, you can do that too! There is no going wrong with this!

Lastly, something that makes this desert so deliciously amazing is how quick and easy it is to make. The steps are blocked out and simple to follow. This makes the desert very stress free and fun to make. Within the entire recipe there were only three steps with very little sub steps. Sometimes you are just feeling like a sweet treat, but you want that treat now, not in an hour and a half. So what do you do? Having this dessert recipe on hand is very useful for those sudden sweet cravings. To have fun and eat something delicious in a short amount of time does not mean that you have to be an incredible baker or wait a while.

This recipe just goes to show you that it is very possible to eat something delicious that is easy to make and will one hundred percent satisfy your sweet cravings. The mixture of sweet and the melt in your mouth feeling, could absolutely be eaten any day of the week. This recipe is a ten out of ten.

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