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From Garden to Plate

Now that people have more time at home, why not start a new hobby in your very own backyard? Gardening is making a comeback during quarantine, not surprising since it is easy, convenient, and fun. Since going to stores can be dangerous and can put your health at risk, you might as well grow some fresh herbs or vegetables at home. You can grow nutritious food without any worrying about COVID-19 or germs. A very easy thing to grow in the bay area climate is tomatoes. Tomatoes are in season and do not need a strict environment to grow. Not to mention, you can make many different recipes with tomatoes. You can make salads and sauces without leaving your home. I have found a very simple recipe to make at home with tomatoes. A caprese salad which is perfect for spring and is light, refreshing and tasty. You can enjoy a variety of flavors with these simple ingredients.


-1 pint of mixed cherry tomatoes

-2 pounds of mixed large tomatoes (or whatever you have at home)

-7 tablespoons of olive oil

-sea salt

-8 ounces of mozzarella cheese

-black pepper

-small basil leaves

-balsamic vinegar


  1. First, cut the cherry tomatoes in half then toss in a bowl with 1 tablespoon of olive oil

  2. Cut the large tomatoes in wedges.

  3. Add the both tomatoes and small pieces of mozzarella on a plate and drizzle 6 tablespoons of olive oil and a little bit of balsamic vinegar over the salad. 

  4. Season with salt and pepper

  5. Let the salad sit for a couple minutes to let the salad absorb the flavors and juices from the tomatoes, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

  6. Lastly, top the salad with the small basil leaves.

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