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How I think school will be like when we come back.

How I think Schools are going to be like when we get back

By Sophia

I believe that when we go back to school it will be totally different than how it was before. Obviously all of us will have to take extreme precautions, like wiping down every surface constantly, washing hands before eating, and not touching other students. I think it’s gonna be pretty hard when we get back because we are not used to worrying about so many different health precautions when we were in school. 

According to many different schools around the country, public schools will only have 12 people in a class, which means that the other half will have to stay home every other day. This will also probably be hard to adjust to since we were used to having around 24 people in our class. I’ve heard that many schools, probably Willow Creek included,  will have distanced spacing and students/teachers will have to stay 6 feet apart at all times. I would imagine they would tape off small areas and maybe students would just sit at separate desks? 

Since Willow Creek Academy has a large student body, I imagine the teachers will have to be extremely strict and probably send home any students who break the rules. I am personally fine with going back this way because I would much rather go back to in-person school and not keep on homeschooling. But it will get a little frustrating when there are only 12 people in the class because you might get annoyed with who you are with and you have no say in changing  it up. 

In the younger grades it might be really difficult to maintain all the rules with kids who do not really understand what is going on. Personally, I would suggest creating a policy where younger kids stayed at home more and the older ones came here more often. If I were a teacher I would gradually get back into learning because first of all we have so much to catch up on, conversation wise. The teachers should consider having fun activities to make it more lively because we have missed out on so much of the fun part of school. Lastly, I believe we will still have to wear masks during in-person school because there is little hope that we will have a vaccine for COVID by that point, which means we should not spread our germs. Luckily Willow Creek Academy has a great outdoor space, so students could possibly do schoolwork outside. In conclusion, if we take major precautions when we come back to school, I think we could go back to normal sooner rather than later. 

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