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How My Friend Won a YouTuber's Fortnite Game by Cheating

Updated: May 1, 2020

So basically, I got my friend Justus in a game with a Youtuber who has over 2.7 Million subscribers (and kind of won)

On Monday, April the 27th, I was on my phone scrolling through Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. Suddenly, I got a notification on Twitter from a popular Youtuber named Nicks. Nicks is a Fortnite YouTuber, who frequently hosts custom games and tournaments. When I checked the notification I got, he said he was hosting a custom game for a free shout out on his next YouTube video in 15 minutes, but there was only one rule.....

Everyone had to land in a specific place on the map and stay there the whole game. My first thought was to ask my mom to play, since I am not allowed to play on weekdays, but instead I quickly told Justus about the game. I frantically called him to see if he was interested. He said yes and I told him to just wait in the lobby, and be ready to put in the code when Nicks tweeted it out. Since there is normally over 1,000 people who get queued in the game, Justus had to type fast, especially since he was on a controller typing. 15 minutes went by, and I was waiting on his twitter page reloading it every second, just so he could get in. As soon as the code got tweeted, Justus typed the code in really fast and got entered into the game with 77 other people after 16 seconds of the tweet getting posted. Luckily, Nicks started the game quickly before anyone else got queued in.

Suspense built as the game had just started. Using a great strategy, Justus decided to not land where Nicks said for everyone to land, just so he could win and get recognition! He did not land too far from where everybody was at, so later he could go there and kill the people there. He didn't have too many good guns, so he was constantly looking for more and more guns and shields Eventually Justus found some more people who were cheating like him, so he just went to kill them and get all the stuff they had. Justus was doing so well. A normal battle royale game starts with 100 people, and there were only about 17 people 10 minutes into the game, and since there was still the storm over the location where everyone else was at, they were taking a lot of damage from the storm since they had to stay there. So after a while of Justus waiting for everyone to die, there were only 4 people including himself who were still in the game 2 of those people were actually following the rules, but the other 2 were Justus and some other guy. Justus actually won that game just by cheating and not landing where he was supposed to and staying there the whole time. 

Around 9:00 PM the video came out and me and Justus went to watch it. In the video he put in the game Justus was in, and another game before that Justus wasn't able to get in. In the video the first game winner was Nicks himself, so nobody got a shoutout that game. The second game, Justus won, but Nicks didn't care if he won, because he was cheating the whole entire game. Basically what Nicks did for the second game since Justus cheated was give a shout out to the 3rd place guy who actually followed the rules and was the last person alive at that location that they said to land.

All of this wouldn't have been possible, if I haven't told Justus about this. I do not recommend cheating in any way, because it is annoying and can possibly get you banned. Only cheat if you know the consequences of doing it.

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