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How Singing Helped Me Find My Voice

When I was 11 years old I started listening to the artist, Sam Smith. I kept playing his songs over and over until I knew all the lyrics. Once I knew all of the lyrics, I started trying to match his voice in some of his songs. When I was able to match his voice, I started to build practice with my singing. Eventually, I recorded my singing one day and it was good. So over summer, all I did was sing and sing until I got better. Once I got better I heard a song named, “someone you loved” by Sam Smith and liked it. Like before, I just kept replaying the song until I knew all the lyrics. Once I got the lyrics down, I recorded myself singing that too. I wanted to post the recording, but I thought people would roast on the video.

Once I gained enough self esteem, I finally posted it. About an hour later I got a lot of notifications from Instagram. At first, I didn’t look at any of the comments at all. But, once I did open the comments, I was surprised by all the positive comments I saw. All the comments I received kept me motivated with singing so I started listening to more singing songs and I just kept singing until this day. I made a singing account and stuff and one day I hope to get known for singing and get big on youtube and other social media platforms.

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