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How to Make a Face Mask At Home

During this pandemic, the governments in many places have made it mandatory to wear masks in public. Many people have been making masks for themselves, neighbors, and even donating them to hospitals. You can make a mask out of any spare fabric you can find. One youtube video that has been very helpful is: How to Sew MEDICAL FACE MASK at Home (Beginner Friendly Tutorial)YouTube video   ‪10 minutes‬.  I have used this tutorial and made plenty of facemasks for my family and neighbors. It is very easy and I highly recommend it. One way to make it better is to sew a craft “pipe cleaner” into the top of the mask to mold it to your face. Of course, this is not necessary but if you have the capacity, it is a good idea.  

In the video, she uses a sewing machine, but you can hand sew it too. It is easy to learn a classic running stitch, you can even learn it in a few minutes, a video to help learn is: https://youtu.be/1FknfumFPX8. This video gives you all you need to know in just 5 minutes. I recommend the backstitch for making face masks because it will give your mask the strength to survive washing and many uses. It will also help make the mask sturdy and it won’t scrunch up. If the backstitch is too hard, the running stitch will work well too.

To make your mask, all you need is fabric, thread, elastic, needle, and a measurement device. Things you can use if you don’t have fabric are: old t-shirts, bandanas, or even a scarf.  After you learn to sew a simple stitch, you can start your mask. Make sure to do all the steps or your mask might not come out the way you would like. 

I hope you found this useful, and have fun making masks!

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