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Hunt for the Wilderpeople: A Review

Updated: May 14, 2020

Back in 2016, Taika Waititi, a New Zealand born director, wrote, directed, and produced the comedy, Hunt for the Wilderpeople. The movie has 96% rotten tomatoes and is based on the novel Wild Pork and Watercress. The movie takes place in the wild New Zealand bush, and it’s protagonists are a young city boy in foster care who has a criminal record, and an older wilderness man who was his foster dad until the government wants to take him away, and put him in a new home.

This movie is fun for all people because there is slapstick humor as well as sophisticated jokes. The plot is always taking twists and turns and surprises the viewer many times. At one time in the movie, you felt like there was the climax, even though the movie had just begun. While this was a sad part, it was surprising, and so, even though something tragic had just occurred, you didn't feel too sad, especially because the humor was incorporated in dark times making the scenes funny. Oscar T, a recent viewer says, “The movie is funny in a surprising way.”

Taika Waititi likes to use depressing and dark humor and losses of beloved characters as well as bright and happy jokes. This interesting mix of humor is apparent in another one of his movies, Jojo Rabbit, where the movie takes place in Nazi Germany. In Hunt for the Wilderpeople, there are sad scenes, but they are made funny in a way one wouldn’t think was possible. “I like Taika Waititi because he is good at making dark things funny,” says O. Tibbs, a viewer.

This movie is a good watch for people just looking for a laugh. It has an original storyline and is refreshing in a way that you would not expect. The movie balances heartwarming scenes with laughs and jokes, oftentimes combining the two differently and surprisingly. The director brings up things that are not usually talked about in a humorous light, not just in Hunt for the wilder people, but in other movies as well. “This movie is incredibly funny without sacrificing honesty.” Says Adam Tibbs, a viewer.

This movie is a must-watch for all people who appreciate the humor in all of its different forms, for people who like dark and unique humor just as well as heartwarming moments in film. And for people who like to be surprised and experience something different. This movie is different, fresh, and all-around fun. “Do not watch this movie if you don’t like to laugh.” says Anya G


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