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Is it safe to get takeout or delivery food?

There are so many questions regarding COVID-19, and no one knows exactly how to deal with it. How is it transmitted? Should I wipe down surfaces? Many people, including myself, have wondered if getting food deivered safe? Could we possibly get the virus from the food? I think that during quarantine, as citizens it is hard to determine what is safe.

To answer the question, yes takeout and delivery food is safe with caution. Health experts say that if you follow some guidelines, picking up food or delivery can be safe. Donald Schaffner, an extension specialist in food science at Rutgers University believes that delivery is slightly safer than takeout. There is little evidence of contamination through surfaces. Therefore the best way to be safe is delivery because it avoids more human contact. Although, some restaurants may not do delivery. Take out is still a safe option. But waiting for your food around other customers can be risky. You just have to be more careful when you go to pick up your food. Make sure to pay online (electronically) so you do not have to interact with the staff. Also make sure when you go to pick up your food you stay as far away from other customers as possible, wear a mask and be patient. 

Additionally, the packaging that your food comes with has a low risk of transmitting the virus. Although, contaminated surfaces such as droplets on surfaces can infect people says C.D.C. They also realize that it is “not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.” If someone infected touches the packaging it is very rare that it could transmit the virus. It is “astonishingly low,” said Paula Cannon, a professor at the University of Southern California for immunology. To be even safer, if you are still worried about transmitting the virus through packaging you can disinfect it. You can use a disinfectant and wipe down the packaging. After that you should wash your hands and plate the food. Since you are eating at home there is no reason to use the restaurant's utensils, so do not worry about that.

In fact you can order a range of food including pizza, salads or sushi. According to Olga Padilla-Zakour, the director of the Cornell Food Venture at Cornell University “The risk lies on interacting with people, not on the type of food”. The risk is the same between raw and cooked food. However, if you want to be even more careful Pizza is a great thing to order. In fact heat kills all pathogens and the corona virus needs wet conditions which is taken away by heat.

To conclude transmission by food is not something to worry about. “Food just isn’t something that we’re seeing as a transmission route.” said Dr. Chapman. So order up and support your local community, takeout and delivery are both safe with caution.

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