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Kung Fu Panda

There once lived a panda from the far away land of ancient China.

This panda dreamed of being a Kung Fu master but his peers said otherwise, so what was he to do? This panda's name is Po and he has been imagining this day for his whole life, the day Master Oogway chooses the dragon warrior...but that day will go a lot different than everyone expected.

The main character in the story of the Kung Fu panda is Po. He is a joyous, big-bellied panda. He was raised by a goose in a noodle shop for his whole life. His dad, Mr. Ping the goose, wants to pass down the noodle shop to Po. But, Po does not want to be a noodle maker, his life ambition is to do Kung Fu. He admires the furious 5, the animals who protect the valley.

This movie is a great watch for kids and families of all ages. I watched this movie when it came out in 2008 when I was 3, and I still watch it today as a 13 year old. There is a little bit of animated violence, but it is overshadowed by a lot of outstanding messages. The film sends a strong message about family, destiny, Yin and Yang, and lots of other spiritual themes. Po has to overcome challenges- his weight and negative comments from others. Po turns the negativity around to generate positivity.

We have very new information straight from Dreamworks. They have had three movies come out as sequels: Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Panda 2, and Kung Fu Panda 3. Maybe you have seen one or all of these movies at home or at the theater. But, I am are sure that you have not watched this Kung Fu Panda, it is called Kung Fu Panda 4. They are not good at creating names, come on Dreamworks!! Here is what the CEO of Dreamworks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, had to say, “It is conceivable that the series could see three additional continuations after Kung Fu Panda 3, carrying it to a six-film series. Po and his co-actors are coming back with their new movie 'Kung Fu Panda'.” So get ready for 6 films of Po perfecting his Kung Fu skills!

Overall, Kung Fu Panda is a great, feel-good movie series to watch as a toddler to adult, it really does not matter. The message can apply to kids and also to the parents who are watching too. It portrays action, love, friendship, and perseverance. The animation of this film makes it even better. I think I will be watching this movie when I am 23, like I did when I was 3 and 13. It is an all around great movie and I hope you enjoy it.

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