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Lost and Found

I have lost a lot during this pandemic. I have lost time with my friends. I don't see them at school, I can't hang out with them over the weekends, and I barely even see them just walking around. I have also lost a lot of my motivation, especially when it comes to schoolwork. I find I am falling behind very quickly and I have little motivation to keep going,when school was supposed to come back in May, I had a lot more.The fact that soon,I would be able to go back to school, see my friends, and have a classroom environment helped me keep going. But now that we have to wait until next year, It's hard to find a reason to stay on track. I have even lost some of my enthusiasm for things I do enjoy doing. I am currently taking online classes for guitar and voice coaching. But for some reason, I am falling behind on practicing too, and I don't know why. It's not nearly as far behind as school,but I find I am procrastinating more on practicing than I ever have and I really have no idea why. I really miss going to school. I never thought I would say that but here I am. I miss having a classroom environment. at home, there are lots of distractions because with the exception of homework, I am not used to doing schoolwork at home. However school is school. It's where you do schoolwork. I also really miss doing theater. Our spring production has been postponed to next fall. I'm glad we still get to perform, but fall is a long time away. Some of my best friends are from theater, and I don't get to see them anywhere else. I have lost most of the things in my life that kept me happy. I understand that lots of people have lost a lot more than me, and I feel extremely sorry for everyone right now. I really do. But I believe that you should not have to belittle your problems because someone else is suffering. Because your problems are real problems. they're your problems. And belittling them isn't going to make them go away. That being said. I was encouraged by my teachers to look for things I have found during this time, so I did. I realized I have a lot more time for myself. usually when I want time on my own, my mom pushes me to hang out with my friends. But now, were stuck inside anyway, so I have a lot more time to myself. I also have more time with my dad now. Usually my dad is very busy. he works for himself so he is never guaranteed a paycheck. Now, when my dad does have breaks, I do too. I have been going on mountain bike rides with my dad recently,and I really enjoy it. My dad has also let me do my schoolwork at his office, which is nice because it is a change of scenery without as many distractions as my house. Now I get a lot more work done. My dad also bought me a Nintendo Switch as an early birthday gift, and I am extremely grateful. It has given me something else to do when I get stressed and need a break from reality. So I guess the moral of the story is, look on the bright side.

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