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Lost and Found: Coronavirus

I have lost many things from the Coronavirus pandemic. One thing lost is my ability to hang out with my friends. Not being able to hang out with my friends is a huge bummer because it means I don't really have anyone to go on bike rides with. During this time, having the company of my friends and the ability to have a good time just talking about stuff is so important. I guess you could say that I also lost mountain biking because lately I have been so discouraged about going since I have no one to go with. 

Another source of enjoyment lost due to COVID-19 is traveling. I was really excited to go traveling over spring break but because of the Coronavirus, I have been stuck at home instead of down in Santa Cruz or in Oregon or Tahoe! I was really excited to go to Tahoe to go skiing and snowboarding, but now I can only hope to hit the slopes next year!

What I have gained in quarantine, is a little more book knowledge. I have read a few books and liked most of them. I have also been fishing a lot more because I live right next to the bay so I have premium access to some pretty big fish that normally I wouldn't catch because I would be in school or doing homework. As a result, I have gotten to do some more things that I have been wanting to do for a while now which makes me happy. But then I realize that I'm only doing it because I am forced by law not to do anything else that I actually want to do.

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