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Lost & Found

This pandemic can be hard for everyone, and we have all lost things so it is hard to see the good that can come from this. It is easy to focus on all that we have lost and not notice what we have found.

Personally, I have lost time with my friends. I used to see them every day, but now, the only time I get to see them is on FaceTime or through the phone. I miss spending time with them and I feel like we have lost all sense of normalcy. We try our best, but things are just not the same. Speaking with my friends is something that used to be normal and something I took for granted but now I realize that it is a privilege. I have lost contact with some of the people I wish I could talk to. I have lost what it feels like for life to be normal, but I have lost nothing compared to most people out there.

I have found myself spending more time with my family and feeling so lucky that we get to live so comfortably. Before this pandemic, I barely got to see my parents. They were so busy at work and would leave early and come home late. My brother would spend all of his time in his room doing homework or still at school until late at night at soccer or lacrosse practice or tryouts. But now, even though my parents are still working as hard as ever from home, I get to see them and spend my day with them. I have been able to practice more soccer with my brother and been able to bond with him more than ever. We used to always talk about practicing together but never getting much of a chance. And now we have all day to play together. I have found that I am playing with my dog more and taking him on more walks. I have found that I am sleeping later and going to bed later and getting more sleep in general. I have found that I am reading more (if that is possible) and enjoying my books more. I have had time for long conversations on the phone with people I don’t usually talk to.

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