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Meme by Selin Dagdeviren (5th grade)

In the story, The Stray by Cynthia Rylant, a girl named Doris was shoveling up snow until she found a stray dog. Doris has always wanted a dog, so she brought the dog inside. Her parents did not want the dog. But Doris wanted to keep her. Her parents said it was too expensive to keep a dog, but it was snowing very hard outside, so much that Doris’ school was canceled until the weather cleared up. Doris’ parents said they would bring the dog to the pound once the weather cleared up. Until then, Mr. and Mrs. Lacey said to keep the dog in the basement next to the stairs. Mrs. Lacey told Doris to feed the dog food scraps. Doris prayed the weather would never clear up, but sadly, 9 days later, it did. Doris begged and begged her parents not to bring the dog to the pound. They both said no. Doris went up to her room and cried. She could hear Mr. Lacey’s door slamming shut. Doris cried to sleep. When Doris woke up, she was hungry. She didn’t want to go down to the kitchen just to see her parents, but she was very hungry. So she went down, but didn’t look at her parents. 

Then…...her dad tells her the dog is at home. He said that all dogs at the pound had 6 days to live. Then the people at the pound kill the dogs with a shot from a needle. And the place was concerinly smelly. As Mr.Lacey would put it, “ I wouldn’t leave an ant at the pound. ” Doris was incredibly happy. She spent almost all her time with the dog. And that was the end. 

If you were wondering why I told you that story. I shared it because The Stray was the story that my meme was based by

If you can’t see what it says, it has a uno card saying “ Keep the dog at the pound or draw 25 cards “ and there was a guy that I captioned as Mr. Lacey. And the guy has a ton of cards. And if you don’t know how uno works, the person who runs out of the cards first wins, so that guy ( or Mr. Lacey ) had a pretty bad chance of winning. The same problems were similar, so I decided to use that meme to show the theme!

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