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Black lives matter.

Here’s the poster I made:

JUNE 4th 2020, 

Today's prompt is: What is your opinion on police brutality in the nation? Would you join the protests if you could? Are you going to join the protests? 

First of all my personal opinion on police brutality is, sadly, seems to all form around the color of someone's skin. I decided to look up more on that and here's some information that I found. 

Facial Recognition Technology Fails to Correctly Identify Black Women

It says that the technology of it all is more reliable for white men, “she discovered that facial recognition technology is accurate in white men 99% of the time, but only 65% accurate for darker skinned women.” This really says a lot, this next quote is even more disturbing. “African Americans were represented in mug-shot databases disproportionately, and therefore more likely to be picked out by the system. Oftentimes, false arrests have been made because of errors in facial recognition technology.” 

To sum it up MY opinion is and has always been that police have been trained in the past to be more cautious towards black people, and many of these cops haven't changed that. There are some examples of this happening in today's world, like for example a black person is in a car and they have a hair brush and a cop pulls them over for no reason at all. And possibly next they ask him or her to get out, and maybe that person is being a little stubborn and doesn't want to. So the cop just shots them, their many stories similar to this one. On to the next question. I would love to join as many protests as I could but my parents said it's way too dangerous which is true. But I feel so helpless when I can’t fight for what I believe in. 

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