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2020 NFL Draft

Updated: May 13, 2020

 Recently, the National Football League dropped a bombshell by announcing the Draft to be totally virtual from sending in the picks to sending in draft day trades. The NFL draft is something the football world eagerly looks forward to each year to see who their team will be picking up or trading. Some of the picks hardly anyone from their teams wanted or some late 1st round steals like CeeDee Lamb to the Cowboys.

The first thing that was surprising was obviously the virtual draft. This virtual draft probably saved many lives of the people that were going to the draft. This also showed many ways that we can expand on the draft in later years. This draft also worked very well with the random zoom calls between football legends like Tom Brady and Deion Sanders and celebrities like DJ Khaled or Kevin Hart.

Second off, the draft picks allowed us to see some funny moments like CeeDee Lamb’s girlfriend trying to steal his phone before he quickly took it back. Another memorable moment caught on the virutal draft was as OT Andrew Thomas was selected, his girlfriend put her head on top of his head when hugging him to be in the frame of the camera. A huge criticism of the online draft was that fans missed out on players from their past teams roasting the hosting team of the draft because there was no draft day host. The NFL also played special tribute during its first virtual draft by hosting a live stream called the Draft-a-thon to raise awareness of Coronavirus.

Overall, the draft picks were crazy!! CeeDee Lamb dropped to the 18th pick and Jordan Love ended up going to the Green Bay Packers. To start off the draft, the Bengals had chosen the smart pick of 2020 Heisman and National Championship winner Joe Burrow. Also surprisingly, the first receiver off the board was speedster Henry Ruggs III. But the crazy thing is that The Packers and the Eagles both picked QB’s with their current Quarterbacks ranking top 10 in the league and both MVP’s. The draft picks like Chase Young going number two overall and Jeff Okudah could very well be in the top 5 of defensive rookie of the year.

In conclusion, the NFL Draft was a very good 3 three days with rookies hoping to make a difference in the league. The virtual draft went very well. The draft picks showed us some funny moments and some help from the NFL to defeat Covid-19. My final thoughts are that the Draft picks were very surprising and they will probably help their certain teams in the league.

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