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Only One Warning, Be Careful if Your Family is as Competitive as Mine.

Updated: May 9, 2020

What I like about the game is that it is a game of strategy, it is competitive and it requires teamwork. 

Coming up with your strategy is part of the fun. The strategic goal of the shark player is to remain undetectable while eating as many swimmers as possible. When the shark player reaches its goal of eating nine swimmers, they win the game. The strategic goal of the three humans is to try to locate and kill the shark player before it gets its goal of eating nine swimmers. It's not like any other board game I’ve played before because the shark's piece is not on the main board. The shark player uses a little booklet to track his actions which keeps the humans guessing. “I like that this game makes you think the entire time you’re playing it and it’s not just a mindless game,” says Isis Delorenzo, my sister.

Another reason I like this game is because it’s suspenseful. It is incredibly suspenseful for the human players because their every movement is determined by what the shark player does at the beginning of each turn. There are only two shark actions that alert the humans of his whereabouts - if he eats swimmers and/or if he triggers the motion sensors floating on the water. That also keeps the human players in suspense and waiting until the shark player completes his turn. For the shark player it’s suspenseful in that he’s constantly worried after his move is played because the three human players strategize together on what moves to take and in what order to take him out. It’s also suspenseful for the shark because it's three players against one. “The constant guessing keeps you on your toes and always planning your next move,” says Yaritza Delorenzo, my mom.

This game requires teamwork which adds to the fun. The three human players have to work together to take down the shark player. Each human has abilities that the other one needs. For example, Brody is the only team member who can supply barrels to Quint to help take down the shark. Another example is that Hooper can use his fishfinder ability to help his team members locate the shark. Lastly, Quint is the player that can end the game by shooting barrels at the shark. “It’s really teamwork-oriented because the crew has to work together and use their carefully-picked gadgets to kill the shark,” says Josiah Delorenzo, my brother.

I recommend this game because it is extremely fun, and as I mentioned it’s strategic, suspenseful and teamwork-oriented. It’s still fun even if two or three people play it because the human players can be played by one person or more. It is a game that makes you think instead of just rolling a dice and moving pieces on a board. This game is very unique and it doesn't compare to anything else I’ve played before.

Only one warning, be careful if your family is as competitive as mine.

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