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Origami: An Ancient Art Form Making a Huge Comeback

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Due to self-isolation, many people have been trying new things that they can do without friends, such as origami.

This ancient form of art is an amazing way to stimulate your brain.

You can buy a booklet with instructions or just go on YouTube, which has easy to follow tutorials to make anything from a classical crane to a yellow banana.

Once you are done making pieces of origami you can use them as decorations around your house or give them away to a friend.

Origami can help you stay off screens while making animals out of paper.

You can do it to help cure boredom or help improve mindfulness.

It can help kids develop hand-eye coordination when they try to make precise folds.

“Origami is really fun, and I really liked making a swan,” says Tauren Wong, a first grader.

Another amazing thing about origami is that you don’t need very many materials to do it.

All you need is paper of some sort and a device that you can use YouTube on (Or better yet - invent your own origami creature). Paper is the biggest thing you need.

Any type works, printer paper, index cards, or patterned origami paper, as long as you can cut it into a square. You also need to know how to make these shapes, whether you use a book or YouTube or someone you know to teach you is your choice.

And as the saying goes “Paper is more patient than man.”

Origami also is a great gift. Some animals symbolize things, for example the crane, which symbolize good fortune and longevity.

By giving a crane to someone, you would wish them good health and fortune.

You can also make paper animals for others for celebrations. By giving to others, you make yourself happier. “My daughter makes me beautiful origami animals. I love them,” says Henry Wong.

All and all, origami is a great way to spend your quarantine. It improves your mind and motor skills, isn’t messy, and is a great gift. Furthermore, there are multiple difficulty levels. You should try origami today. “I don’t think I could do that,” -anyone who hasn’t tried origami about a piece of origami.

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