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Oscar Freau - An Athlete & A Student

Oscar Freau is a 7th grader at Willow Creek Academy, and he’s been going to school around here for a while. He was born in San Francisco, and a couple months after he was born he moved to France. He stayed there for preschool, and then moved back into the United States in kindergarten. During that time, he went to the French school close to Willow Creek, and now has been going there for K to 5th. Then, he moved to Willow Creek Academy, for 6th grade and is now currently in 7th. He is 12 years old, and turning 13 in January.

Oscar also likes Willow Creek Academy a lot, and says the community and diversity here is great. Oscar’s favorite subjects in school are Science and Social Studies (these are not in order).

A form was sent out to our parents about going back to in-person school, and they replied to their opinions (not ours) and most likely (certainly) did not tell us. In Oscar’s opinion, he wants to go back to school, and honestly doesn’t like it at all. “I would wear a mask, I would be protected, and [covid] safe, He says. “School should be split in half, where one half goes to school, and the other [half] does distance learning.” He thinks they should switch off every 2-3 weeks, so they can get an equal amount of time in class.

Since his parents speak french, he was pretty much born fluent, and now is starting to lose his accent and forgetting some words. Oscar has 2 cats, Dusty and Sorbet. His favorite animal is also a cat. Hopefully, this doesn’t get sent to other teachers or get published in the newspaper, because he thinks that Ms. Russell is the best and nicest teacher. Oscar also listens to music, mostly pop and rap, and one of his favorite artists is Queen.

Since the start of quarantine, he has still been able to hang out with friends, but it has affected his sports because his soccer team’s practices and games got canceled. He used to have practice 2 days a week. He also has a few hobbies. Oscar plays soccer, and when COVID-19 hit in March, they were doing really well. He started playing soccer in 2016, when his dad took him to a Euro League game, (france vs germany) and after watching that game, he was hooked. Not long after that, he started playing soccer competitively. For fun, he plays basketball, makes a bit of music, and video games. The games he plays are Minecraft, Fall Guys, Titanfall 2, Apex, and a bit of Fortnite.

His favorite food is pasta, and his favorite drink is a Shirley Temple, which is kind of like sprite, but with a different type of syrup. Oscar also likes regular sprite too. Some of the scariest moments of his life were 3 times–all from his brother. 1st, his brother almost jumped off horseshoe lake. Second, (another lake) when his brother almost drowned in a lake that was frozen over. The third one was when West almost cut his eye out.

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