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Outer Banks: a review

Outer Banks rocked pop culture in April 2020, and it is still being talked about on social media platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube. Outer Banks is a teen drama, action, comedy, and mystery TV series on the streaming service Netflix. The show came out on April 15, 2020 and is in the top 10 on Netflix. Outer Banks (OBX) is about a poor group of teens called the Pogues living on The Cut in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. There are many different antagonists in this story, and one of them were a group of rich kids called the Cooks. The main character, John B, dad has gone missing trying to find $400 million worth of gold on a ship wreck off the coast of the OBX. John B and his friends try and continue the missing dad’s search for the gold.

Outer Banks was a very binge-worthy show because of the mystery portion, and all the episodes ended on a cliff-hanger. While the teens are trying to find the clues as to where the shipwreck gold might be, the sheriff and her right hand man investigate crimes relating to the Royal Merchant (the shipwreck) and uncover clues that the Pogues have not heard about yet, making it all the more mysterious. The Pogues are too worried about finding the sunken treasure, that they don’t know how many other people would kill for the gold as well. This part uncovers even more mysteries, making the show a nail biter.

My favorite part about watching Outer Banks was the comedy and drama part. While OBX is not widely recognized as a comedy, I would categorize it as one. In the show, my favorite characters JJ and Pope are the funniest out of the bunch. For example, when two of the characters were arguing, JJ and Pope decided to take bets, which made the otherwise dramatic scene kind of humorous. Another comedic part of OBX is that the teens have no sense of what could be very dangerous, like once they went surfing during a hurricane, and stood on the bow of a speeding boat. If this show were any more dramatic, it would probably be a soap opera. (I’m not saying that as a bad thing.) With multiple romantic relationships and a love triangle, as well as almost all of the characters having abusive or absent fathers, I’m surprised that this is not a CW show.

The action portion of this show was done very well. Most mysteries come with many action or suspense scenes and Outer Banks was no exception. There was a scene where the main character was scuba diving with almost no air, and cops were questioning the others on the surface. Another one of the most action packed scenes was when the teens were looking for the Royal Merchant out at sea and a storm was coming on. There are so many other action packed scenes in OBX, but I don’t want to spoil anything!

I could watch this show in one sitting because it was so good. With many plot twists and cliffhangers, as well drama, love, and mystery. I was hooked on this show from the very beginning, and I think you will be too. “OBX was very good because it was adventurous and a hooking mystery, but it also resembled stuff that I would want to do when I am a teenager.” Says Oscar Tibbs, an Outer Banks fan. The only iffy aspect of this show is that it would probably be considered R if it were a movie. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest this show to everyone, especially to those who are very bored.

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