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Quarantine Tunes

Updated: May 13, 2020

Since we are all stuck inside due to coronavirus, we can no longer participate in many of the activities we used to. Any after school sports have been canceled, we can barely travel anywhere, and we hardly ever get to see our friends. So many of us are cooped up inside binging Netflix, playing video games, and listening to music, which is the topic of this post. I asked my classmates what music they were listening to during quarantine, and here are the results.

I received a total of seven responses in one week. The most popular artist of the survey was Tyler the Creator who was mentioned a whopping two times instead of one. Now lets look at the other artists people are listening to

Both Dola Tibbs and Sadie Serrotie said Tyler the Creator, a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Some of his songs include EARFQUAKE, NEW MAGIC WAND, and Who Dat Boy. Some of his albums include Igor, Flower Boy, Cherry Bomb, and Wolf. Sadie Serrotie also mentioned Rex Orange County, an indie pop artist. Some of his songs include Loving is Easy, Corduroy Dreams, and Best Friends. Some of his albums include Pony, Apricot Princess, and Bcos U Will Never B Free.

Ms. Russell mentioned listening to Tame Impala, a phsycedelic pop artist. Some of his songs include The Less I Know The Better, Let It Happen, and Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. Some of his albums include The Slow Rush, Currents, and Lonerism. Estella Wong is listening to a Spotify playlist called Quarantine Party, which includes songs like Toxic by Britteny Spears, Mask Off by Future, and Cough Syrup by Young the Giant. (I love that song!)

Sophia Tiemens is listening to Clario and Harry Styles. I love Clario as well, so it will be nice to talk about an artist I know. Clario (Claire E. Cottrill) is an indie pop artist. some of her songs include Sophia, (which is ironic seeing as Sophia Teimens suggested this) Softly, and 4EVER. Some of her albums include diary 001, and Immunity. (My personal favorite album) Sophia also mentioned Harry Styles, a pop artist. Some of his songs include Adore You, Sign of the Times, and Watermelon Sugar. Some of his albums include Fine Line, and Harry Styles. Lorenzo Condit is listening to Travis Scott, a rapper. Some of his songs include SICKO MODE, HIGHEST IN THE ROOM, and goosebumps. Some of his albums include Astroworld, rodeo, and Days Before Rodeo.

Finally, Zoe Chew has been listening to Bazzi, Coanan Gray, and Billie Eilish. Bazzi is a pop artist. Some of his songs include Beautiful, Mine, and I.F.L.Y. Some of his albums include Cosmic, and Soul Searching. Coanan Gray is also a pop artist. Some of his songs include Maniac, Wish You Were Sober, and Crush Culture. Some of his albums include Kid Krow, and Sunset Season. Billie Eilish is an alternative artist. Some of her songs include bad guy, Lovely, and when the party's over. Some of her albums include When We All Fall Alseep Where Do We Go? and Don't smile at me.

Thanks to Ms. Russell, Dola Tibbs, Estella Wong, Sadie Serrotie, Sophia Teimens, Lorenzo Condit, and Zoe Chew for submitting their responses.

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