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Racism During COVID-19

Updated: Nov 10, 2020


A powerful word yet misused that gets tossed around. We learn about racism in school mostly towards African Americans. What about the other minorities such as Mexicans or Asians?

Now more than ever, Asians are getting mistreated and abused every single day. People think we have the Coronavirus and are scared they might get infected. That’s right, I said we. My family and I can’t even go out without getting stares and people telling us to stay away from them. When we go to stores, people give us dirty looks and tell us to stay away from them. Racism towards Asians isn’t new, we have had this before COVID-19. This virus has really exposed racism towards Asians. We are human beings like you, we don’t deserve this. Stores and business owners are putting up signs telling Asians to stay out of their shop. Is this really the world we live in today?

Sadly, this isn’t the first time in history that this has happened. This situation is very similar to when Jews were banned from German shops during the Holocaust. We should all be treated equally no matter where we come from. So what if the Coronavirus came from China, this doesn’t mean all Asians have it. This needs to stop. Asians deserve to live peacefully just as much as you do. Instead of adding fuel to the fire why don’t you actually do something to help stop this pandemic.

Here are some of many racist driven attacks on Asians during the pandemic:




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