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Review of “My Little Blacksmith Shop”

“My Little Blacksmith Shop” is a game where you are a blacksmith. The challenge of the game is controlling your money while buying things such as grips, guards and ingots. You also have to satisfy customers' orders before they become too impatient. And finally, you have to keep up with your taxes, if you don’t, the tax collector comes to take all of your possessions away!

Making and moving items: To make items, it’s pretty easy to learn and master! All you have to do is select the material you want to use, then heat it up in the bellows, then choose the amount of metal the thing needs to be created, put it on the anvil, smack it a couple of times, cool it off, and attach the handle (and sometimes guard)! To move items though, there are some bugs. Sometimes your items will fly across the map and sometimes, they will get stuck in the ground. This is most likely because this game is in early access and is not fully released yet.

Computer requirements/graphics: There are no set requirements on the website besides a Windows computer but since the game is still in alpha, it has not been optimized and therefore heavily taxes your computer's speed and tends to lag. The graphics are very good and the shadows are perfect, the lighting is good, and no textures are pixelated, no matter how close you get to them!

How it compares to real-life: “My Little Blacksmith Shop” is very realistic in it’s gameplay besides a few minor things like being able to make an axe, and then hitting it one time to turn it into a different axe. Some examples of how it is like real life are you have to heat the metal before you can put it on the anvil, all the weapons/tools you create are realistic, and once the weapons are made you have to cool them in water.

Overall, I give this game a 9/10 as it’s fun, easy to learn, and free! With multiplayer and sandbox coming out soon, the game is going to be even better. This is one of my top five games right now and I think it completely earned its spot there.To end this review off, here are some more pictures!

Get It Here: https://dasius.itch.io/my-little-blacksmith-shop

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