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Reviewing The Latest Unfortunate Development in 2020: Quarantine

Updated: May 9, 2020

This year, a new, unfortunate, and unwanted mandate has swept most of the world: Quarantine to stop the spread of COVID-19, the virus that emerged in early December of 2019. Millions of people all over the world are self-isolating inside of their homes to ‘flatten the curve’ of the virus. We hear about the bigger picture, where people are confined to their homes as a dangerous virus sweeps the world. However, even though it can be harder to look deeper into the picture when the media only shows large newsworthy events, it’s critical to explore every part and experience during quarantine.

What is it really like for teenagers?

Fellow 8th grade students, Berry Holub and Trinity Chancellor each provide their views on quarantine. “We’re doing it for a reason, but it’s only going to work if everyone does it,” states Berry Holub. “I have zero motivation to do anything because I don’t know when this is going to end,” says Chancellor. Lack of motivation and general listlessness seems to be a common trend among many teenagers during this time. Both of those are, additionally, early signs of depression, which ushers in the bigger question: How will our mental health fare during and after quarantine?

Many students have found themselves to be less motivated, more exhausted, and generally more dejected as quarantine continues to drag on. On top of that, teachers continue to pile work onto their pupils, with seemingly no regard for the mental health of these individuals. Although schoolwork is, admittedly, important, the psychological well-being of students should undoubtedly be a priority. Many teenagers say that schoolwork has had a negative effect on their attitude towards quarantine. If it weren’t for schoolwork, it’s safe to say that more teens would be less stressed during the already difficult quarantine.

However, despite all of these obvious inconveniences, might there be a positive side to quarantine? Trinity Chancellor thinks there is. “I have more time to go outside and go on runs. I can also focus more on myself,” she says. While quarantine can be difficult at times, there are silver linings, even if they are, at times, very difficult to find. In general, quarantine is like a flipped coin. Sometimes, you’ll wake up feeling ready for the day, and other times, you won’t even have enough motivation to get out of bed. The important thing to remember is that nothing lasts forever, even the seemingly endless weeks of quarantine.

In conclusion, quarantine has shaken up the world and thrown chaos into our everyday lives. It has made many teenagers all over the world dejected. Schoolwork has been poured onto us harder than California rainfall in December. We’ve been confined to our homes for multiple months. It’s safe to say, quarantine isn’t very fun. However, despite these circumstances, humanity has persevered and found ways to stay happy and healthy. Like plants growing through cracks in a concrete sidewalk, we stick through these tough times together, because nothing lasts forever...

Not even quarantine. 

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