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The kpop industry has a new game show out called RUN BTS! This game show grabbed the nation's attention because of how funny it is and how Army’s love the members. 

Z BTS RUN! Ep.11  BTS featured roleplaying characters you would expect to see in a classroom. The characters were played extremely well by the members of BTS. They each had a role that was very alike to their personality so it made it easy for them to do the character that they played.

This special feature was filmed in a classroom. If you do not know this already, members of BTS speak Korean. But do not worry, the show has English subtitles, so Americans can watch with ease! The show is perfect to binge during quarantine due to it’s playful and laid back feeling.The lighting and production is top notch which adds to the overall appeal of the show.

In conclusion BTS RUN! Ep.11 is a show that is enjoyable for all due to it's easy-to watch and relatable content. Members are very talented in their acting abilities. You will certainly get a laugh in as you watch Korean actors play the different personalities of stereotypical high school students that we all know and love.

I highly reccommend giving this show a shot!

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