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School to Resume in JULY?!

Updated: Jun 8

I sincerely disagree with Mr. Governor Newsom that California students should return to school in early July or August considering that our school has been giving a lot of online schooling to make up for this matter.

I am so thankful for all health care workers and essential workers who are making sure we are still going through a safe four stages and self distancing.

I really do appreciate this but our students have been through enough already!

Enough is enough.

This pandemic has now become an expensive unfair matter.

This virus has been a huge tragedy for many and tore up an enormous amount of people’s lives, living arrangements, and even to the point of killing people.

I feel this is very unfair. All the struggles that this has taken affect real people. Especially with my family still going to work everyday because everyone has to survive. I am grateful that my parents both still have a job to continue to go to.

Students should not have to suffer through anything more.

School should not resume this July!

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