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SCU And CZU Complex Fires: What YOU Need to Know

This article was made to help inform you on everything about the SCU and CZU Complex Fires. Some Statistics of SCU Fire (As of 8/23/20): 1. Acres Burned: 339,968 2. Containment: 10% 3. Evacuation orders by County: Alameda County San Joaquin County

Santa Clara County

4. Where is it: Multiple locations throughout Santa Clara County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, San Joaquin County and Stanislaus County Some Statistics of CZU Fire (As of 8/23/20) 1. Acres Burned: 67,000 2. Evacuation orders by County: Santa Cruz County San Mateo County 3. Where is it: Santa Cruz County and San Mateo County. Smoke levels: As of 8/24/20, in Sausalito smoke levels are changing rapidly with all the wind coming in. It is bad for your health to go outside with a mask on (Which you should already be doing!) so get your N95 (or other) mask.

I would like to remind everyone that handkerchiefs do NOT protect you from anything. At a molecular level they have massive holed in them that particles can pass right through. And wearing your mask over your mouth but not your nose, or the opposite way around, does NOTHING. And don't take your mask of while talking so someone can hear you better, that defeats the whole point of the mask.

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