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Sophie A. - Soccer Player & Painter

Sophie A., an 8th grader, feels accomplished when playing soccer and getting good grades in school. She was born in San Francisco, but has lived in Marin County her whole life. She’s been attending our school, Willow Creek Academy, for 9 years now - since kindergarten. “I like all my friends, but the classes aren’t too challenging,” she says. She describes it as an “okay” school.

She enjoys doing art in her free time - a major hobby of hers. “I like to paint and draw,” she says. “I like to paint portraits because you can do studies of the face.”

Aside from this, she participates in another category of painting. “ I also really like to paint landscapes, but mostly of urban scenery,” she describes.

Another hobby that Sophie has is playing soccer. “I feel accomplished when playing soccer,” she says. She also runs track.

Upon being asked “Is there something that only few know about you?”, she replied “No - I’m an open person.”

She doesn’t have a favorite subject in school, but rather likes them all equally.

In terms of family, she has two siblings, and a dog. Her older sister is 28, and her older brother is 25. Both of them live out of state, one residing in Arizona. Her dog’s name is Duey.

Sophie doesn’t have any specific beliefs, but there are many areas that she cares about and supports! Black Lives Matter (BLM), pro-choice, lgbtq+ rights, women’s rights, xinjiang crisis (MLM), and ACAB are all things that she supports.

On the topic of vacation, she says that she doesn’t have a particular favorite place to go. Although, she said that she traveled to France last year, and that that was fun!

Sophie A. is an 8th grader at Willow Creek Academy, who enjoys painting, and is a social rights activist.

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