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The 100

The 100

The 100 is a post-apocalyptic, dystopian tv series that premiered in 2014. This series describes what occurs after a nuclear bomb destroys the Earth and the twelve remaining nations that survived the explosion orbit space. After the international space station where all of the nations conjoined (the ark) begins to face problems in maintaining the critical resources to survive, 100 delinquents are sent back down to Earth to determine whether or not it's inhabitable again. This tv series reflects adventure, ambition, loyalty, betrayal and compassion. The 100 is highly recommended because it displays character development, includes an incredibly realistic setting and takes advantage of the character dynamics to incorporate plot twists.

Character development plays a significant role in the progression of the series. In the beginning of the tv show, some characters aren’t very close, but as the show evolves, these important characters begin to construct unique relationships. As the storyline continues, the main characters in The 100 acquire knowledge and experience particular situations that shape them into who they are and how they portray themselves. Overall, these characters are forced to make decisions that impact the rest of the plot, and determine what their perspective is on the other characters that surround them. “The writers of the show strategically allow for a lot of character development throughout the series,” said my sister.

Secondly, The 100 takes place in a space station, and on Earth. The ark (the space station) is an insanely large platform that supports over 4,400 people. In the first season, most of the scenes take place on the ark. This ark is a very important component of the setting, and is constructed in a practical manner that looks similar to a real space station. In addition, the filming of the show contributes to the realistic setting and embraces the exotic features of space in general. For instance, some of the shots of the Earth, and the other planets that consist of our solar system are extremely sensible and relative to reality. According to my step-sister, “the set is really immersive and doesn’t just look like a sound stage production.”

Third of all, the best part about The 100 is that it's unpredictable. Throughout the show, several plot twists occur and influence the rest of the storyline, and the characters that come with it. Some of the plot twists in The 100 can include problems and issues that develop overtime, or solutions to those crucial conflicts. Once the characters in the series form bonds and acquire trust, something always happens that either breaks the trust, or makes it stronger. New characters are brought into the picture and as a result of this, other characters become more vulnerable. “The show consists of numerous plot twists and the writer likes to keep the audience on the edge of their seats,” claims my sister.

In conclusion, The 100 is certainly recommended and suggested to anyone who enjoys futuristic, science fiction films. During the show, characters mature and compose bonds with one another which can provide an outlook at the events that may occur in the future. The setting of The 100 was constructed perfectly and makes you feel like you’re living in the future which ultimately makes the show even more interesting. Lastly, the plot fluctuates due to the positions particular characters are placed in, which can cause the storyline to change directions. “My cat even loved it,” said my cousin who also watched the show.

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