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The Bright Side

During the Outbreak of Covid-19, I have not been able to be in contact with a lot of people and I am not able to be outside for long. Sadly I will not be able to return back to school so right now me and all my classmates have to be homeschooled. Fortunately I have been homeschooled most of my life so homeschool is very normal to me. However there are a lot of  benefits to being homeschooled such as: Working independently, no one is distracting me during classes, and my parents/guardian can help me if I am having trouble with any work or projects. Even though homeschool is very familiar with me quarantine, less food at stores and extreme news is not normal for me and my elderly either. During quarantine I have been working on projects for fun, schoolwork and spending time with my family. While I am getting used to this new lifestyle, I have found multiple ways to balance my working life with my personal life. I usually wake up early in the morning, eat breakfast and get started on my schoolwork and meetings. In the afternoon after I  finish my work, me and my family might go outside for a short period of time, stay inside and color pictures, play games or even watch movies and documentaries.  

I have also found things I appreciate about nature such as: trees to breathe in fresh air and fruit to and get the vitamins and fibers I need. These things help me stay healthy so that I don't get sick. It makes me feel good to be vegan knowing that chances are lower that I will get sick. I also appreciate my family and our time together. To me family time is important because it makes me feel safe and cared about. Even though I have social distance I can proudly  be with my family.

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