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The Gender Pay Gap

Even in 2020, the gender pay gap is still a huge issue. Women in the workplace are not being paid the same amount as men. “Women in the United States earn only roughly 79 to 80 cents for every dollar men earn”according to Janice Traflet and Robert E. Wright of the New York Times. Republicans who voted against the equal pay bill in 2014 say that this is because women are in more lower paying jobs compared to men. But that is not quite the case. Women in the same jobs as men are being paid considerably less than men in the same positions. Claire Clane Miller provides a perfect example, she says, “Women who are financial specialists make 66 percent of what men in the same occupation earn, and women who are lawyers and judges make 82 percent.”

As a young woman, this will affect me and my future personally. I care deeply about this issue not only because of the fact that I will face this inequality in the future, but also because so many qualified women around the world aren’t getting the credit they deserve. This is proved by the gender pay gap. I will not stand by while half of the population is unfairly treated for no reason. Women are being punished for no other reason than their identity.

The Biden/Harris presidency will help to even out the gender pay gap because Harris is a woman and Biden is openly supportive of equal gender rights. Harris has gone through her life as a woman and knows what it is like to be discriminated against. She will most definitely make sure the gender pay gap is terminated. In fact, in 2019, Kamala Harris declared that she has a plan to close the gender pay gap. “Harris’s plan would proactively force companies with 100 or more employees to obtain an ‘equal pay certification’ every two years, showing that they were paying men and women the same for analogous work” said Astead W. Herndon from the New York Times, in his article “Kamala Harris Announces Plan to Close the Gender Pay Gap” This stands in stark contrast to President Donald Trump’s plan for closing the gender pay gap. This is because Trump doesn’t have a plan for closing the gender pay gap and has continued to neglect it throughout his term. The Biden/Harris presidency will make a difference.

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