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The Race against Racism

All around the world people are gathering together to protest the heartbreaking death of George Floyd and the African American men before him, who all died at the hands of the police. People are outraged at the racially motivated brutality of many policemen across the United States. As more unarmed, innocent black men are murdered, citizens across our nation are taking a stand and protesting police brutality. However, the level of aggression varies over the multiple different protests that have taken place throughout the nation, as many protests have taken a violent turn for the worse.

Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York City, and Minneapolis are just a few of the cities that have suffered from extreme looting and violent protests so far. As citizens get angry, many protests have become detrimental and quite dangerous. 4,000 arrests have taken place since the death of George Floyd, due to the aggressive actions of some protesters, including setting fires, and looting of businesses and shops. However, although many protests have turned belligerent, others have stayed peaceful. The protests that have taken place in Sausalito and Marin City are the epitome of peaceful responses. These protests consisted of local residents holding signs such as “black lives matter”, “justice now”, and “we can’t breath”. When I attended the Marin City rally, it was reported that over a thousand people joined to express their opinions on police brutality and listen to the empowering speeches given. Police lined the perimeter of the protest, and listened to the speakers along with the protesters. These speeches included topics such as the pros and cons of looting and how we can try and solve this nation wide issue, which I found very impactful. 

Through the protests that have taken place all over the world, we are trying to express our opinion and our anger caused by this situation. The racism that has infected our nation is still hurting the citizens of the United States, and unfortunately a solution to this problem has not been easy to find. This issue cannot be overlooked, as it has affected many people in such a critical way all throughout history. We must find a way to help not only the people of our country, but the country itself from this atrocious concept called racism.

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