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The Stereotype on Gamers

For some reason, many people think that people who play videogames are fat, lazy, are unable to have social interactions, and eat pizza all the time. Where did this even come from?!? What that's called is being lazy and being lazy has nothing to do with gamers, lots of people who don't play video games are lazy too. The stereotype is portrayed especially in television, it almost always represents gamers terribly. A lot of the time, I would like to call myself a gamer, but hesitate to because I would not like to be associated with the stereotype version of a gamer.

Stereotype 1: Being Fat

Well this obviously isn’t true, take me for an example I play an average of about five hours per day (a lot I know) and I sit at a mere 70 pounds!

Stereotype 2: Being Lazy

Maybe this assumption comes from being sat in a chair frequently and not wanting to do other things while gaming. Think about it like this: Imagine someone called you lazy because you sat in your office working and someone asked you to get them a donut, but you refused because you were working. Yes, gaming is a thing where you have to be very focused and in the moment, especially with shooter games. It is comparable to working with the amount of focus needed

Stereotype 3: Unable to have social interactions

I don’t know where this came from but every single day I play with my friends and talk to them through an app called discord, there are even voice chats on some games that allow you to talk to people! I go to school, have a good friend group, and say hi to random people all the time. Not true at all.

Stereotype 4: Eat pizza all the time

I have curry, spaghetti, pasta, and chicken allllll the time! I like pizza sure, but I like tons and I mean tons of other stuff too. Statistics say that 85% of all americans play video games and 98% of americans eat pizza! That means that yes, lots of gamers eat pizza, but that's ONLY because in america, only 2% of the population doesn’t.

I learned about these stereotypes when I was little and would always watch PBS Kids, in a few of their shows, they portrayed gamers as these stereotypes and in some they even “fixed them” by making them think the outside world was so much better than the video games they loved. I have never personally experienced any of these stereotypes but they matter to me because I myself am a gamer. That's it for my memoir.

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