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Trying New Things

Updated: May 2, 2020

This pandemic has made me lose the ability to see my friends. Being unable to see my close friends has been hard for me. Although not seeing my friends has been tough, I am still grateful for them and we are keeping in touch. I am even getting closer with some of them and forming new bonds. I am facetiming and texting my friends every day. I have also got in contact with some of my friends that I have not been in touch with for a while and I have been talking with my cousins that I used to live with overseas. In some ways this pandemic makes me feel like I’m in a movie... I would have never thought of being in quarantine, or everything being closed like airports, and the stores running out of toilet paper wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. 

This pandemic is making me realize my appreciation for my friends. I have also gained a deeper connection with my family and have been really into fitness and baking recently. My siblings and I have been spending more time together and our whole family has been watching a movie together every night. My brother and I have been doing creative photoshoots for his instagram page, he recently hit 100k followers! My mom and I have been watching many new shows together such as All american, Black lightning, Money Heist and Outer Banks. I have also been exercising a lot because I feel like it helps me deal with stress. I have been using weights with my mom and we go on a six mile run together every day. I've also picked up baking, I have been trying out many new desserts such as lava cake, mug cakes, mango ice cream milkshake and I made cupcakes with a chocolate ganache for my little sister's second birthday. We got my sister a tricycle and a slide since she cant go to the park right now.

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