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Unemployment Rises During Coronavirus Pandemic

As we know so far in 2020, the Coronavirus has put its name in the history books. The world widespread of the coronavirus had made it known as a pandemic. COVID-19 was found in Wuhan where a collection of people had a disease known as pneumonia that was later discovered to be the coronavirus. Currently there has been a lot of speculation if a bat was really the cause of the virus or if it was something other than a bat. The virus has had a great impact on our daily lives in so many ways, but unemployment is a topic I have been wanting to share for a while.

Unemployment has been a wide-spread problem that has happened to many others, counting my parents. Furthermore, the U.S has shown to have a whopping 2.4 million Americans unemployed and this number might be even doubled worldwide. According to studies the unemployment rate has reached its peak. Most importantly, economists have been warned that the world's unemployment rate might be as close to the Great Depression. Additionally, a victim of unemployment says “It's very frustrating because you have no control and no information. You already have so much anxiety about Covid-19, you know the economy's falling apart and I don't have much left in savings maybe about a month left

Unemployment has already caused enough damage but alongside unemployment is a deadly virus that has killed 251 thousand people worldwide. The coronavirus has not only held unemployment, it has affected stress, caring for children, pets, visiting parks, etc.. There are tons of ways that the coronavirus affects our daily lives but being unemployed .

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