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WCA Events - 1st Grade Life Lessons

For the past few weeks the first graders at our school have been learning about life lessons in books. To end their unit, Mrs. Devol put together a book of all the life lessons in the books the students read. She handed them out last Friday.

This gave the students the perfect opportunity to see their teachers again, while practicing social distancing. They also might have seen their friends drive by at the event. Tauren Wong, a first grader, says “I got to see my friend drive by. I really liked seeing him.”

Here are some of the life lessons the first graders learned by reading books like “The Berenstain Bears,” “Amazing Grace,” and “The Upside Down Fish.”

“Include others and they will be happy!” - Jonah

“If you want to help people, you have to welcome them, give them food. You have to act.” - Lily

“If you are tall or you are short, you are all important.” - Noora

Whether you are in first grade, middle school, or otherwise, we should all know and use life lessons.

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