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Weird Wednesday: Bermuda Triangle Theories

Many of us have read or heard about the Bermuda Triangle but have we ever really thought about it?

Why do planes and ships disappear while passing over this unusual triangle? There are many theories circulating for this but there is no evidence yet. The Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devil's Triangle. Its three points connect from Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. A lot of mysterious incidents took place but due to the lack of information, many of them remained unexplained. Those who believed in “The Devil’s Triangle” came up with a number of hypothetical theories. Even though there are multiple theories, the three main theories are hexagonal clouds and air bombs, whirlpools and blue holes, and last but not least...supernatural phenomenon.

Hexagonal clouds and air bomb’s:

Strange hexagonal shaped clouds have been noticed by scientists above the Bermuda triangle which are found rare and considered a phenomenon. The clouds can also be called air bombs which are extremely dangerous because these air bombs can blast causing winds up to 170 miles per hour. If they blast, ships and aircraft passing through can be harmed.

Whirlpools and blue holes:

In the Bahamas, there are whirlpools with very strong tidal currents and any ships passing can be easily sucked up in there. There are many blue holes which are large underwater caves that have been formed by geological transformation throughout time. These blue holes can have depths of 100's of feet below the water surface. The largest blue hole found which is the Dean’s blue hole is about 663 ft.

Supernatural phenomenon:

It can be hard to believe but there are also supernatural theories related to the Bermuda Triangle. Like the lost city of Atlantis, aliens, and UFOs.

These are just three theories about the triangle but there are so many more .In my opinion the most likely would be the air bombs and blue holes and the least likely would be the supernatural theories because no evidence has been found for any supernatural phenomenon. All of these theories are taking place however, scientists say that only 5% of the ocean world is exposed to humans and there is 95% of the ocean yet to be discovered.

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